Local Pickup and Delivery Vans
Vehicle Tracking System
Goods Tracking System
Advantages to the Customers

Local Pickup and Delivery Vans
Maruti vans are placed for local pickup and delivery which have high manoeuvreablity 
All vans are provided with a cell phone for quick and direct accessibility at Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore. 
All vans are provided with easy to handle weighing machines for on the spot weighment
Customer can shortly access thro' internet to order their pick-up 
All pick-up and delivery staff are trained for driving, waybill preparation, customer care management with good educational background 
All the above will ensure a good customer service in word and sprit because the weighment on the spot is a unique service by ABT Courier

Vehicle Tracking System 
All the pick-up Maruti vans will be under the constant control and directions from the central hub in each metro
All the main trucks will be monitored from central hub during full night to ensure safe going for every hour
The GPS system to monitor the trucks will shortly be introduced 

Goods Tracking System
The goods tracking will be done thro' computers 
The customer can track their consignment position thro' website 
The toll free telephone service is made available in all places for customers' contacts 

Advantages to the Customers
Door collection on time 
Door delivery on time 
Mobile vans for pick-up and delivery 
Cell phones provided to mobile vans for easy access 
Toll free phone call facility 
Tracking of consignments in web 

Waybill Tracking
Enter Waybill Number